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REMOTE VIDEO STORAGE (iRVS) - Video Storage & Real Time Video Backup

Remote Video Storage (iRVS) allows you to store real time video from your surveillance cameras remotely off-site to iLink's state of the art data center. iRVS provides additional security by storing your surveillance camera's video harm's away from theft of your cameras/DVR, vandalism and fire/smoke/water damages. With all iRVS plans, customers get FREE iRAA services. iRAA service notifies its customers of any down time of their network DVRs within minutes via e-mail or text message to the mobile phone.

Cost: $29.95/mo for three days of recording per camera. Call for more details.


Coming Soon - Call for more information


If loss prevention is your objective, then iLink can provide POS-DVR surveillance system that provides contextual awareness to reduce shrinkage and protect assets against business losses.  You can compare transaction data with recorded video contents to verify refund frauds, void manipulations, or wrong cash handling procedures. You can also set the system to get notification – email, alarm, phone, text – should any of the predefined criteria meet. The POS-DVR system also helps provide a safer environment for your employees. Whether it is a small gift shop or big grocery store, iLink provides a total solution: POS systems and accessories, high end scanners, commercial weighing scales, award winning business operation software. Though it is meant to be a turn-key solution, for more complex situations,  iLink can also provide installation and integration services through its Systems Integration Group (SIG). Click Here to see our POS Products

                                                       BUSINESS PROCESS OPERATIONS (BOP) - Flyer (PDF)
                                                                       Video Services

  i Link provides business operations review and investigative services.  We provide live as well as interactive video monitoring services:

 Ø                 Business Operations Review Service (BORS)
                 Interactive Remove Video Monitoring (IRVM) 
                 Business Operation Investigative Service (BIOS)
Live Video Monitoring Service (LVMS)


i Link provides remote monitoring service to notify its customers of any down time of their network DVRs.  This monitoring and notification service will put business owners at ease as they know that if their NDVRs went down, they would be immediately notified.  Most current digital DVRs in the market can only notify if the camera’s were down; however, if the DVR itself shuts down due to either power failure or employees’ malignance, then the business owner is not able to find out unless some body is physically monitoring the cameras or present at the site where the DVR is located. In reality this seldom happens; therefore, the proactive service from iLink will provide timely notification for the owners to react.

 The Remote Availability Alert service provides various alerts if the DVRs are down. These alerts can be relayed through digital phone, alpha numeric pagers, wireless device or network broadcast. They can also provide recovery by rebooting the DVR, restarting windows service, restarting failed applications and running recovering script.  Real time and historical data can also be provided through email. When uptime and availability are critical, iLink’s uptime monitoring service is the best option available in the market.

Cost: $19.95/mo USD Call for more details


 i Link can provide the most advanced video analytic applications for commercial, industrial and home land security needs. This application, CAM Smartz, is based on artificial intelligence that detects and classifies objects via video stream and catalogs violations. iLink is also in the process of developing and procuring applications where it can apply advance video analytics knowledge in the areas of human faces, license plates of moving cars and trucks via a video stream, etc.


 i Link Professionals has introduced RFID VIDEO SERVER  which can be integrated with an RFID Receiver to capture tag information as well as an image or video of the asset.  Since the Video Server integrates with the receiver for data capture, it can acquire information from any tag – be it active or passive.  The tag information together with its video clip is logged and file for future retrieval. These records can be tracked through LAN/WAN and IP Networks. Various alarms and sensors can be set up – when triggered, they can be relayed through email, phones, PDAs, etc. The solution also works with standard bar codes and access control tags. 

i Link believes that image and video capture capability is the missing link in the enormous capabilities of an RFID based solution deployment. Notwithstanding, it is important to know where the assets are in a live environment; however, the RFID Video Server facilitates if these assets are to be verified and secured.  Its application includes logistics (lost package claim reduction), customs, air ports (lost baggage), borders, commodity inspection, retail (jewelry), counterfeit, amusement parks and production control process. 

Please download pdf for RFID  Jewelry Store Management Solution.


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