iLink Professionals, Inc. Products - DVR Systems , POS System, VoIP Phone /PBX, Color Dome , Infrared , PTZ Cameras , DVR Cards , Cables , Connectors, POS System, Accessories
iLink Professionals, Inc.- DVR Systems , Color Dome , Infrared , PTZ Cameras , DVR Cards , Cables , Connectors, POS System, Accessories

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    Businesses Using iLink DVRs


    Complete PC Based Network Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Kits

            4 Port 30fps System

            8 Port 60fps System

            12 Port 120fps System

            16 Port 120fps System

            4 Port 120fps System (Real Time)

            8 Port 120fps System

            8 Port 240fps System (Real Time)

            16 Port 240fps System

            16 Port 480fps System (Real Time)

    Complete Standalone Network Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Kits

            4 Port 120fps SDVR (Standalone DVR - Real Time)

            8 Port 240fps SDVR (Sandalone DVR - Real Time Display)

            16 Port 480fps SDVR (Standalone DVR - Real Time Display)

    Complete Point of Sale (POS) & DVR Kits

    Standalone Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

    Cameras - CCTV

            Dome Color Cameras

            Armor / VandelProof Color Cameras

            Infrared Day/Night Color Cameras

            Outdoor Weather / Water Proof Color Cameras (Min. IP66)

            Professional or Box Body & Day/Night Color Cameras

            Wireless Color Cameras

            Hidden Color Cameras

            PTZ Indoor & Outdoor Color Cameras

    DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Cards


            Lens for CCTV Cameras

            Power Accessories

            Cables & Housing

            Connectors, Converters & Adaptors
(ex. BNC, Quads, Vide Balun etc...)

            Microphone (Mic) & POS Text Inserter / Overlay

            TV, TFT, & TV / LCD Mounts

            Dummy Camera

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    POS (Point of Sale)

    BPO (Business Process Offering

    iLink Remote Availability (IRAA)

  Demo (Live Demonstration of Our Products)

    PC Based DVR

          Live Demo 1- iLink's Office

            Live Demo 2 - Shell Gas Station

            Live Demo 3 - Demo Room

            Live Demo 4 - Church's Chicken

    Standalone DVR

            4 Port SDVR Demo

            8 / 16 Port SDVR Demo

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   Systems Engineering

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    Enterprise Consulting

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