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    Who Are We?
Established in 1994, iLink Professionals, Inc. is a manufacturer, importer and distributor specializing in CCTV analog and IP products, PC based and standalone digital network video recorders (NVR/DVR), surveillance technologies, access control products, point-of-sale (POS) products, hybrid VoIP/Analog PBX, phones, solutions and implementation services to our customers, including dealers and distributors, at below wholesale prices. This, coupled with prompt delivery, extensive industry know-how, nationwide installer base and world class customer supports makes us the leading choice amongst competitors. With over 25 years of experience in Systems Integration, we are able to provide Network NVRs/DVRs, POS, VoIP PBX/Phones, Access Control products, that are robust, reliable, expandable and manageable across worldwide corporate networks.

  Why Are Our Systems So Inexpensive?
Because we manufacture and directly import, we achieve in tremendous savings to our customers by eliminating 2-3 layers. But, do not be misled by our low prices, our systems are built with our application software that leads in the industry for manageability, image viewing, optimum storage, excellent playback features and expandability. Currently, we have over 300 dealers and thousands of customers who have purchased and use our systems on a daily basis with immense trust in the design, performance and highly robust qualities of our products.

  How do we compare with National Brands?
Our Systems meet or exceed features when compared with major brands.  Please refer to the comparison chart presented in this web site. Our Systems have extensive built-in intelligence so that the system works for you and not the other way around.  Due to our highly qualified IT background, we are able to cater to large organizations by providing fault tolerance, redundancy and storage expandability to several terabyte capacity in our DVR systems.

  Our R&D is second to none:
Our efforts, both in the
USA and overseas, frequently add features that enhance video analytics. We have tested and certified our systems in RFID environments to ensure its compatibility. Our NDVRs integrate with most POS systems to help reduce loss prevention in the retail industry.  Our 2-way audio systems provide the next level of collaboration and efficiency that our customers have learned to rely on. Our systems offer built-in features that improve the quality of video while conforming to the legal standards and formats required by law enforcement and other government agencies. These and many other features are not to be found in many of today’s DVRs. With our systems, you can access critical business information wherever and whenever you want. And most importantly, our engineers work rigorously to ensure that our systems are easy to learn and use. Thank you for your business and feedback.



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